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See what our Designer friends are saying and doing with Facets, from our time at Highpoint Market, video link here.

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Facets Collection

Design beyond the ordinary with an array of luxury choices,
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Featured Collection

Kindel Grand Rapids FACETS

Design Beyond the Ordinary

The Facets Collection includes the most comprehensive and wide-ranging chest and credenza program available in the luxury furniture market. Kindel Grand Rapids brings the essence for which the company is known – craftsmanship at the highest level and made in the USA - to a broader audience with this platform-based program.

The versatility of Facets allows you to choose from door or drawer chests or credenzas in three sizes and then immerse yourself into an incredible array of luxury features including veneer, leather, finish, trim and overlay patterns. Multiple hardware choices are available including custom choices designed by Kindel Grand Rapids. Click here to learn more. If you want inspiration on what's possible, check out our gallery.

Featured Collection

Designer Artist Series

Expertise & Excellence

While Kindel is synonymous with classic, American design, we embrace innovation and creativity from our designer clients. The Designer Artist Series provides an opportunity for interior designers and furniture designers to design, create and promote a furniture design in collaboration with our Grand Rapids artisans. Our bench-made process allows the possibility for creation of your original design. It starts with a custom quote! Contact Kindel Customer Service for more information.

Featured Collection

Dorothy Draper Collection

Big & Bold

Dorothy Draper is America's original interior decorator. Her work on behalf of such institutions as New York's Hampshire House, The Carlyle, San Francisco's Mark Hopkins Hotel, Hollywood's Arrowhead Springs Hotel and West Virginia's Greenbrier Hotel exemplified her as a pioneering businesswoman and the most famous decorator of the 1930s and 40s. Draper's style is big and bold. She invented Modern Baroque with oversize plaster work and dramatic use of vibrant color. Carleton Varney, a protege of Mrs. Draper, is the owner and president today of the legendary design firm, Dorothy Draper and Company. Mr. Varney perpetuates Dorothy Draper's design philosophy: "bright colors and the rejection of all that is impractical, uncomfortable and drab."

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