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Mark Round Lamp Table

Dorothy Draper Collection, Kindel Grand Rapids Selects

Four gracefully curved legs support a thick round top with an angled apron. The legs are joined at the center by a wooden bracelet. The lamp table is made of Cherry, similar to the original designed by Dorothy Draper for the lobby of the Mark Hopkins Hotel in San Francisco. Also available in Oak, 89-720, and as a dining table, 88-012 (48 inch diameter), 88-013 (54 inch diameter)

and 88-014 (60 inch diameter).

Wood Species: Cherry
About the Designer

Dorothy Draper

Dorothy Draper Designer Bio
"I always put in one controversial item. It makes people talk." If it looks right, it is right." — Dorothy Draper

Dorothy Draper was born to a wealthy and privileged family in 1889, in one of the most exclusive communities in American history, Tuxedo Park. She was the first to “professionalize” the interior design industry by establishing in 1923, the first interior design company in the United States, Dorothy Draper & Company. This was a time when it was considered daring for a woman to go into business for herself. Dorothy Draper's style was big and bold. She invented Modern Baroque with over-sized, plaster work and the dramatic use of vibrant color. She is known for her interior design work on behalf of such organizations as Hampshire House and The Carlyle in New York, The Mark Hopkins Hotel in San Francisco, The Greenbrier in West Virginia and Arrowhead Springs Hotel in Southern California. She was a very confident and successful businesswoman who always said, "If it looks right, it is right."

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